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Derek Selinger is a Card Ninja
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The Corporate Motivator

For several years Derek has spoken to corporate audiences about his experience as a professional entertainer and CEO of Wonder Entertainment and Productions.


In contemporary corporate culture, the essential concepts of teamwork, excellence, focus and purpose are widely talked about, however rarely with such a fresh perspective that it is the topic of discussion for days and months to come. Derek has the advantage of having gleaned knowledge from working with hundreds of companies, as well as being involved with the inevitable surprise challenges of countless stage productions. This knowledge combined with the fact that Derek is a born entertainer creates outstanding keynote presentations that are exciting, eye opening and relevant.

Derek is pleased to offer two corporate talks, both of which can be customized to fit your time slot and audience:

Compelling Communication: The Art of Being Heard

Thousands. That’s how many marketing messages experts say each of us receive every day. On top of that, a host of other voices are constantly trying to get our attention. Our partners, kids, friends, associations, bosses, clients, colleagues, governments…and the list goes on. If there are so many voices vying for our attention, logic says the same is true for those you are trying to speak to. It’s a noisy world, and it’s difficult to be heard. Is it possible to increase your chances of being heard amidst the noise?


…Absolutely yes!


Join master communicator Derek Selinger for an inspiring look at how some simple, small changes to how you communicate can make you exponentially more effective. Derek is an award-winning entertainer and filmmaker, and his work has equipped him with a tried and true perspective that will forever change the way that you approach communication. He will entertain you, he will inspire you, and he will share practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.


It’s a noisy world, and you have something to say. Transform your relationships, business life, and impact on this world with “Compelling Communication – The Art of Being Heard.”

The Spotlight Mentality: Position and Perception Create Peak Performance

Corporate culture has invested billions in becoming more efficient and streamlined. It divvies up any extra profit to lure and keep top talent, while fighting the good fight against low employee engagement, a tough economy, and a steady stream of technological changes.


So, what matters to the people actually doing YOUR business right now? What kinds of ideas will spark their enthusiasm for their work in such a way that it burns brightly enough to in- crease their current performance and engagement, AND can also grow into an all-consuming passion they can nurture over the lifetime of their careers?


Fortune Magazine’s “2012 Best 100 Companies to Work For” article shows over-and-over again how companies lose:

  • Talent;
  • Engagement; and
  • Ground


Which in turn makes their employees to feel:

  • Dispensable;
  • Like their unique contribution holds very little meaning (if none at all) for the companies they are investing in; and
  • As replaceable as parts in a machine that can be unscrewed and swapped out at a moments notice.


This pattern of thought, which Derek calls the “assembly line mentality”, is as archaic as the industrial revolution, yet it is still pervasive in corporate culture today!


Derek’s motivational keynote brings his audience up to speed with the world we live in today. He does this by using our common experience of entertainment culture to create engaging activities that prepare his audience for profoundly teachable moments where he asserts that the secret to unlocking high performance and satisfaction at work and in life can be found by taking a good hard look at surreptitious tactics Hollywood has been using right under our noses every single day.




 “If you want to be more successful, more connected, and more fulfilled, there is no other skill that will have a bigger impact on your life than by improving your ability to communicate, thus improving your chances of being heard.”


Derek Selinger

Check availability or inquire about booking Derek for your next event!