Derek Selinger, Corporate Speaker, Risks, Dreams and Everything in Between

Derek Selinger

Motivational and Corporate Speaker

For several years Derek has spoken to corporate audiences about his experience as a professional entertainer and CEO of Wonder Entertainment and Productions, and is pleased to present a brand new talk on achieving potential, managing risk and maximizing dreams: 

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“Risk, Dreams and Everything In-between”


We have forgotten how to dream…


…but we can remember.


This is nothing to be ashamed of. As children, before the pressures of life and the rules of society impress themselves on us, we lived in a state of play. In this state we have free reign to imagine, to discover, and to dream. As we advance through our education systems and begin to take responsibility for our individual lives, we rightly develop skills that allow us to mitigate risk deal with practical concerns, and survive.  But in order to thrive…we have to dream.


Dreaming is a skill. Balancing our dreams with risk is another skill. In this keynote experience, Derek will share his story of dreams and risk, rejection and perseverance, and struggle and triumph. He will explain why we default to left-brain practicality and how to unleash your potential through creative play. All of this will be done, of course, with a touch of magic.


Dreaming becomes effective when we make peace with the fact that we can be practical and creative, logical and abstract, secure and take risks – at the same time.


Take another step into your gifts, talents and potential as we remember together…how to dream.

Derek Selinger, Magician and Motivational Speaker

Derek is also pleased to offer the following additional corporate talk, designed for small groups and managers:

Compelling Communication: The Art of Being Heard

Thousands. That’s how many marketing messages experts say each of us receive every day. On top of that, a host of other voices are constantly trying to get our attention. Our partners, kids, friends, associations, bosses, clients, colleagues, governments…and the list goes on. If there are so many voices vying for our attention, logic says the same is true for those you are trying to speak to. It’s a noisy world, and it’s difficult to be heard. Is it possible to increase your chances of being heard amidst the noise?


…Absolutely yes!


Join master communicator Derek Selinger for an inspiring look at how some simple, small changes to how you communicate can make you exponentially more effective. Derek is an award-winning entertainer and filmmaker, and his work has equipped him with a tried and true perspective that will forever change the way that you approach communication. He will entertain you, he will inspire you, and he will share practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.


It’s a noisy world, and you have something to say. Transform your relationships, business life, and impact on this world with “Compelling Communication – The Art of Being Heard.”




 “If you want to be more successful, more connected, and more fulfilled, there is no other skill that will have a bigger impact on your life than by improving your ability to communicate, thus improving your chances of being heard.”


Derek Selinger

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