Box of Wonders
Derek Selinger, world class magician and illusionist
Derek Selinger, magician, magic, illusion, illusionist, corporate event, corporate speaker, keynote, headline act, las vegas, world class
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In a world overshadowed by screens, when did you last connect deeply, beyond the surface, with someone important?

Experience the power of connection through a

transformative magic experience

that transcends the ordinary, crafting bonds that last a lifetime.

In a world where true connection has become increasingly rare, this exclusive experience is designed to weave magic back into our relationships.


Derek Selinger doesn’t just perform magic; he orchestrates unforgettable moments that bridge the divide, turning strangers into friends, and friends into something deeper.


Designed for 12 privileged guests, this is more than a show—it’s a key to rediscovering the magic in every connection.

Through this shared experience, Derek uses his expert magic and storytelling abilities to reclaim the power of our memory.


About Box of Wonders

Box of Wonders is designed for 12 people, seated around a long table. During the 90-minute experience, guests periodically change seats to ensure everyone is up close to action, and to ensure that the real stars of the show are you and your guests.


Audience types that have raved about the experience:

  • A group of friends and family wanting to connect with each on a deeper and more intimate level.

  • A sales professional wanting to forge a stronger connection with their clients.

  • An executive team wanting to engage the idea of empathy and connection in a playful and interactive manner.

Luxury Experience:

In the opulent embrace of Derek Selinger’s magic circle, experience the luxury of true connection, where every interaction is meaningful, and every moment shared a treasure.

Illustrates Empathy:

Each act, each illusion, and each story is a lesson in empathy, gently guiding each participant towards a deeper understanding of those around them.

Exclusive Transformation:

With only 12 seats, this experience guarantees an intimacy that’s rare in today’s world, making every guest a key part of the magic, the connection, and the transformation.

This is your invitation to be part of an exclusive gathering where the impossible becomes possible, where magic is the medium through which deeper connections are not just imagined, but experienced. This evening with Derek Selinger is more than a magic show; it’s a passage to a world where every shared glance, every laugh, every shared memory and every astonishment brings you closer to those around you.

Only a few will experience the transformational power of connection through the art of magic. Will you be among them?

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Seize the chance to transform your relationships into extraordinary bonds that transcend the digital noise of our daily lives. Click to secure your spot in an evening where magic and connection intertwine, leaving you and your guests with memories that will last a lifetime, and with bonds that will deepen with every passing moment from your shared experience.