Box of Wonders
Derek Selinger, world class magician and illusionist
Derek Selinger, magician, magic, illusion, illusionist, corporate event, corporate speaker, keynote, headline act, las vegas, world class
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You’ve never seen magic like this.


Around a long table sits a dozen of your friends, your colleagues, or others that you want to connect with on a deeper level.


You share food and conversation and then … the room hushes.


Lights dim.


At the head of the table, Master Magician Derek Selinger begins to perform wonders.




Inches from your nose.


Metal bends. Minds are read. Broken objects are restored.


It’s all too impossible.


But the experience of magic quickly goes beyond mere “tricks”.


Throughout the evening, and amidst the magic, Derek masterfully shares stories and leads discussion on the nature of memory, hope and dreams.


And then it happens … 

… the Transformational Magic Experience

The spectacle in front of your eyes is matched with the transformation happening in your mind.


“This experience changed my life,” was reported by a participant in New Jersey.


As the formal experience ends, you sip on a drink. With your friends you talk. Laugh. Share. Remember. You don’t want this moment to end.


And it need not end. Because you have been bound together in this experience that will live on in your very own … Box of Wonders

Through this shared transformational experience, Derek uses his expert magic and storytelling abilities to reclaim the power of our memory.


About Box of Wonders

Box of Wonders is designed for 12 people, seated around a long table. During the 90-minute experience, guests periodically change seats to ensure everyone is up close to action, and to ensure that the real stars of the show are you and your guests.

Luxury Experience:

With curated illusions combined with immersive storytelling, this experience is entirely unique in the world. Limited performances for select audiences. Only 12 participants per performance.

Illustrates Empathy:

Each act, each illusion, and each story is a lesson in empathy, gently guiding each participant towards a deeper understanding of those around them.

Exclusive Transformation:

Memory and magic combine to create an experience that changes the way you see the world. And this all happens while having a ridiculous amount of fun!

This is your invitation to be part of an exclusive gathering where the impossible becomes possible, where magic is the medium through which deeper connections are not just imagined, but experienced. This evening with Derek Selinger is more than a magic show; it’s a passage to a world where every shared glance, every laugh, every shared memory and every astonishment brings you closer to those around you.

Only a few will experience the transformational power of connection through the art of magic. Will you be among them?

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