Box of Wonders
Derek Selinger, world class magician and illusionist
Derek Selinger, magician, magic, illusion, illusionist, corporate event, corporate speaker, keynote, headline act, las vegas, world class
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You’ve never seen magic like this…

Box of Wonders is far beyond a magic show. Led and performed by Master Storyteller and Magician Derek Selinger, it is an interactive evening weaving deep and profound stories with unique magic.


“This experience changed my life”

-Box of Wonders guest, Philadelphia


The experience is luxurious. Limited to 12 guests, Box of Wonders takes place in your home or other location of your choosing. Guests could include your family and friends, your executive team, or any group of people with whom you’d like to connect with on a deeper level as a result of a shared experience.

We recommend your group start the evening with a meal. The 90-minute performance follows, with guests seated around a long table where they experience stunning magic, mindreading, and impactful storytelling. But it doesn’t end there … following the performance and over refreshments, guests enjoy time together in deepened connection, which naturally evolves into sharing their own stories and memories with each other.


Past guests have said things like, I wish I could relive it again and again and “I didn’t want the evening to end!”


Box of Wonders is a transformational experience and will be one of the most memorable and special evenings of your life.

Through this shared transformational experience, Derek uses his expert magic and storytelling abilities to reclaim the power of our memory.


From the artist … 

“I have performed on large and beautiful stages around the world, across four continents and for millions of people, and on television shows like Penn and Teller’s Fool Us. Large audience experiences, while thrilling, left me wanting to create something deeper; something that really connected with people, individually, on a more intimate level.


I created Box of Wonders with my very best magic, designed to be performed intimately around a table. It’s like a banquet of magic … minds are read, objects appear and vanish out of nowhere, and the very laws of physics and nature are challenged.


When I first began performing Box of Wonders, it became clear that I had created something far beyond a demonstration of skill. People felt connected and different. After every show, they would begin to share their own memories, creating new bonds with each other. And I noticed they didn’t want the experience to end – not just of the performance, but the shared experience of the entire evening. The formal 90-minute performance becomes nestled in a several hour experience of food, magic, conversation, memory, discussion, laughter, and connection. It’s beautiful to see people connecting not just with my art, but with each other.


I wish I could share this with every person on the planet. But this experience is not meant for a large audience with cameras and screens, as the real magic of the night would be lost. The real magic is found within a group of people. Whether they knew each other well or not, at the end of the evening, all guests leave connected.


In the remainder of my career, less than 30,000 people will experience Box of Wonders. I have performed in arenas with almost that many people! But this … what a wonderful thing. To have something that is just ours. Personal. Exclusive. Unique.


I hope we might experience this one-of-a-kind evening together soon.”

Derek Selinger

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